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today i learn something new..

"if you lost someone you care and you love.
the wound wont heal"

and i think it was damn right..

love limit..

there is soo many damn things happened to me lately, but here i am..force my self to stay up and never walk away..when age getting bigger, i learn that life is so hard to keep shape..but i still believe "LOVE" will be the best thing in wat ever we do..

"love limit" is that wat u guys been thinking all this while? till when u gonna love someone? or wat do they got to make u love them? that is not how life all about...mcm mn perasan korg biler taw seseorg tuh just syg kamu biler kamu ader? its hurt u isnt it? then why did u do things that will hurt others??

sumer org taw aku eppy, but is that wat i feel deep inside? wat would u feel if u are walking in my shoes? aku hanya adik selepas waktu kerja, from 8am-5pm i am a worker, and aku hanya abg biler aku ader kt kolej beside that im just nobody to no one..why? did i ask too much?

i'll never regrates every words i said, bila sy kata "saya syg kamo" sy mmg mksudkn ader sesaper yg kesah? i am a fighter…

i'll never...