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memang berbeza..

weeee~da semester 2 bachelor.. hurmm..
the good news is.. im doing great for last semester.. n i hope i could do more this semester.. the bad news is.. im still felt awkward sat around big names..
org ckp.. bile kaca dok kat celah permata.. mesti org xkn perasan kn.. semuanyer berkilau sama.. mcm aku la.. kira untung la dpt tmpg glamor... is it?
mcm x best lak.. everyone talking bout things that i wouldn't know.. and trust me.. i always ask in silence..
can i help? do u guys need me?
halooo...guys...? im here.. n yet.. no one hear me..
im doing just fine.. i guess.. i would love to help.. maybe i wont fit in.. so i better move out right...?
tempora mutantur.. etnos mutammur in illis.. it is..

slmt hari ibu..mak..

syg mak saya...^^)

adei.. agak terlewat post nih.. terlalu bz ngn kijer.. huhuaaa~ anyway it wasnt too late to say it.. slmt hari ibu to my beloved mom.. Pn. shamsiah you r such a great mom to us.. tnx untuk semua pengorbanan mak..
this are few pictures taken a day after mothers day.. we are celebrating it warmly.. maybe a lil bit hot.. coz it was under sunshine.. so enjoy the view..