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someTIMEs, wound would HEAL itself.....but most of the TIME it wont..
it NEED something or SOMEone to heal it...i found it BUT... i'm AFRAID of
having another WOUND that will neva HEAL...

iskandar issaacs

" oh God i wish i could make you see how much i miss everyone around me"
iskandar issaacs

family of casabonda...

" i'm not an angel dat can cacth everyone dreams n make it happend, but i'll try my best to be wat i want to be...n if Gods will, i love to bring ppl around me into their dream life.."

"in life if u hoping onto something n it doesnt happent it will give u pain, but if u neva hope for it to be happend n it come with surprise it will give u soo much pleasure...tnx lil brother"

"no one will eva know wat faith will bring them, to me...tempora mutantur etnos mutammur in illis...time change, n we have to change with them.."

" family of casabonda, thanks God for sending me in such a great life to be..maybe sooner or later life itself will fade away but hope dat all the sweet memories will neva gone away"

"i do hope dat every minutes dat God give me will be covered with smile n ppl dat i care smiling does happend, but i still dont know where did my place goes in their life as they step into mine..."

iskandar issaacs

faith n me...

what will chear ur day? dat question have been wondering in my mind for years...but i only found the answer now, actually it was the easiest answer to give.. if u want to chear ur day, wat u need to do is to chear people around u 1st. few days ago i met this kids dat really change the way i think..he was soo inocen, at his age i done a river of mistake, but he didn't..when i looked at him, i saw wat i wanna be in the 1st place.. it was like his life reflecting the life i dreamed..the way he smile, he lough n everything he did make me c a new lil world dat i lost in past..if he noticed, i do care bout him coz i hope he will not repeating even single of my mistake..n i thanks God for sending him over...

"faith n me"
"life will always be surprising to wat eva u dont expect,
today is my one of greatest day eva
when new smile bring the light back into my life..."

people called it FAITH but for me it was FATH

and i thanks God for sending him over..


" i love u enough to let you go "
i already gone
" LOVElikeSEA"

never dry

or even spill out

iskandar issaac
i got my own attitude
n u got urs..

im heading my way
n dont u dare tell me i was


iskandar issaac
yes i'm celebrating raya
without u
n yes im smilling..

the best raya ever

heart-peace issac
" oNce YoU Know How tO DiE
YoU wIll KnOw hOw To liVe "
-be like SAKURA
small but no one will forget it -

iskandar syahry
" a broken heart is like a broken mirror
it is better
to leave it broken
than hurt yourself trying to
fix it"

love = pain
lifewasn't all about you& yourself..
its about people you care..
andwhat they cares about you..

-heartpeace issacs-

nape mesti aku yg bodoh??

tiap2 ari bgun jer dr tido aku akan terpikirkan org len dlu sebelum diri aku sendri,
nak tido pon asek cbuk pikir org len da tido ker...die org ok ker...tgh wat per...
tp org len xder pon pikirkan aku..kdg2 sedey nak wat mcm mn kn...da
kiter mmg xder makna pada org len...mungkin elok gak klu aku dok dlm utan jer..huh..

ujung minggu lps, ibu aku call gtaw kawan maser kecik aku dlu "helmy" da xder..
die excident motor..naper la mesti mcm tuh..da ramai sgt yg tgglkn aku..naper??
sepanjang mggu lps aku bersedeh yg amat sangat..mcm2 pekara yg jd..rasernyer
lbh baek aku yg ganti tempat helmy, die ramai org syg...aku...ntah r..xder saper yg ingt..

aku nak sgt dipertemukan ngn sorg yg amat2 paham aku n sentiasa ader ngn aku..
sbb aku asek jumpa org2 yg x guna yg taw menyusahkan idop aku jer!! (begho0k!)
tp still besyukur sgt2 aku still ader family yg phm, walaupon trg2 salah aku sbb
terlalu syg org n cpt percaya kt org len, family aku still bg nasihat n sokong aku..
mak sentiasa ingtk…

no more tears...4u

" la tahzan,
becouse of someone doesnt love you
the way you want them to, doesnt mean they dont love
you with all they have"



" i love to cry in the rain coz no one will ever know i'm crying"