Saturday, December 26, 2009

Clock is still ticking but my eyes wont shut..

There is So many thing running through my mind..

How much I miss someone..

How much I care..

But what most important is..

How much it hurt when u cares someone that hates u a lot..


I’m begging u to take this away..

I cant live without my heart..

N there is no used if its not bitting..

Iskandar issaacs

Friday, December 25, 2009

someTIMEs, wound would HEAL itself.....but most of the TIME it wont..
it NEED something or SOMEone to heal it...i found it BUT... i'm AFRAID of
having another WOUND that will neva HEAL...

iskandar issaacs

Thursday, December 17, 2009

" oh God i wish i could make you see how much i miss everyone around me"
iskandar issaacs

Org kata idop ni mcm roda, ada masa diatas n ada masa dibawah…mmg betol..last 2 weeks ago was one of my dream, so much happiness dropping by. But this few days are tiring me with lots of tears.. as long as I noticed, I would rather hurt my self n not others, I care for every words that came out from my lips n pray that it wont hurt even a bit…but why in the world people forgot to do the same to me??

They just said what they like, even sometime it was clearly will hurt anyone who listen to it.. and why everytime they did it, they came and said “im soo sorry if I hurt u” then I need to forgive them..but soon it happened I look like someone that u guys can said bad things anytime u like?? Don’t I have feelings to?

Aku bangga ngn aper yg aku ader, family yg concern bout my personal life, kawan2 yg cares to listen to anything that I need to said, kuarga angkat yg try to love me like I was part of their family…but did they felt the same?? Maybe they’re not…coz im such a bad son, brother, friend and bad bad bad person..

But here in this blog, I said with my heart open…I will neva stop in believing what eva I think is right, and I will neva stop loving someone I care as long as they want me too..for sure I don’t care to rent my life for others to stay in, even that I have no other place to go..COZ I LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!! If there is anything wrong with that?? Why I kept loosing my grip onto what I care n love? Why??

This blog is the only place I can said what eva I want..this blog is a friend of mine..the only things make me warm when frozen thought came..dulu aku kesah biler xder org bace blog nih..but now, I’m glad it was open to who eva interested in knowing me well…tnx.

Iskandar issaacs.

Friday, December 11, 2009

family of casabonda...

" i'm not an angel dat can cacth everyone dreams n make it happend, but i'll try my best to be wat i want to be...n if Gods will, i love to bring ppl around me into their dream life.."

"in life if u hoping onto something n it doesnt happent it will give u pain, but if u neva hope for it to be happend n it come with surprise it will give u soo much pleasure...tnx lil brother"

"no one will eva know wat faith will bring them, to me...tempora mutantur etnos mutammur in illis...time change, n we have to change with them.."

" family of casabonda, thanks God for sending me in such a great life to be..maybe sooner or later life itself will fade away but hope dat all the sweet memories will neva gone away"

"i do hope dat every minutes dat God give me will be covered with smile n ppl dat i care smiling does happend, but i still dont know where did my place goes in their life as they step into mine..."

iskandar issaacs

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

faith n me...

what will chear ur day? dat question have been wondering in my mind for years...but i only found the answer now, actually it was the easiest answer to give.. if u want to chear ur day, wat u need to do is to chear people around u 1st. few days ago i met this kids dat really change the way i think..he was soo inocen, at his age i done a river of mistake, but he didn't..when i looked at him, i saw wat i wanna be in the 1st place.. it was like his life reflecting the life i dreamed..the way he smile, he lough n everything he did make me c a new lil world dat i lost in past..if he noticed, i do care bout him coz i hope he will not repeating even single of my mistake..n i thanks God for sending him over...

"faith n me"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"life will always be surprising to wat eva u dont expect,
today is my one of greatest day eva
when new smile bring the light back into my life..."

people called it FAITH but for me it was FATH

and i thanks God for sending him over..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


" i love u enough to let you go "
i already gone

Friday, October 23, 2009

" LOVE like SEA"

never dry

or even spill out

iskandar issaac

Monday, October 12, 2009

i got my own attitude
n u got urs..

im heading my way
n dont u dare tell me i was


iskandar issaac

Monday, September 28, 2009

yes i'm celebrating raya
without u
n yes im smilling..

the best raya ever

heart-peace issac

Thursday, September 10, 2009

" oNce YoU Know How tO DiE
YoU wIll KnOw hOw To liVe "
-be like SAKURA
small but no one will forget it -

iskandar syahry

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

" a broken heart is like a broken mirror
it is better
to leave it broken
than hurt yourself trying to
fix it"

love = pain

Monday, August 10, 2009

wasn't all about you & yourself..
its about people you care..
and what they cares about you..

-heartpeace issacs-

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

nape mesti aku yg bodoh??

tiap2 ari bgun jer dr tido aku akan terpikirkan org len dlu sebelum diri aku sendri,
nak tido pon asek cbuk pikir org len da tido ker...die org ok ker...tgh wat per...
tp org len xder pon pikirkan aku..kdg2 sedey nak wat mcm mn kn...da
kiter mmg xder makna pada org len...mungkin elok gak klu aku dok dlm utan jer..huh..

ujung minggu lps, ibu aku call gtaw kawan maser kecik aku dlu "helmy" da xder..
die excident motor..naper la mesti mcm tuh..da ramai sgt yg tgglkn aku..naper??
sepanjang mggu lps aku bersedeh yg amat sangat..mcm2 pekara yg jd..rasernyer
lbh baek aku yg ganti tempat helmy, die ramai org syg...aku...ntah r..xder saper yg ingt..

aku nak sgt dipertemukan ngn sorg yg amat2 paham aku n sentiasa ader ngn aku..
sbb aku asek jumpa org2 yg x guna yg taw menyusahkan idop aku jer!! (begho0k!)
tp still besyukur sgt2 aku still ader family yg phm, walaupon trg2 salah aku sbb
terlalu syg org n cpt percaya kt org len, family aku still bg nasihat n sokong aku..
mak sentiasa ingtkn aku jgn mengalah..aku x segan pon klu org ckp mata aku bengkak
sbb nangis...atleast aku ni still normal ader kn?

aku gak ader wat silap, mungkin aku bg perhatian bnyk sgt pada org yg x perlu aku ingt
n lp pada org yg sentiasa samer ngn aku...aku mohon maaf yg sgt2 besar pada sesaper yg
bnyk membantu aku dr dlu lg...n x lp gak pd kawan bek aku..zafirah yg setia bc blog comot aku nih..huhuhu..tnx erk..aper pon aku arap sngt2 korg xkn ulang kesilapan aku dlu..aku bnyk
wat silap..n aku nyesal..jgn jd rugi mcm aku untuk selamanyer...semoga semua sentiasa
dalam rahmat Nya...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

no more tears...4u

" la tahzan,
becouse of someone doesnt love you
the way you want them to, doesnt mean they dont love
you with all they have"


Friday, July 24, 2009


" i love to cry in the rain coz no one will ever know i'm crying"

gempak starz!!

“ ader fiesta gempak starz at sungei wang plaza on 21 till 23 november,

Unfortunately I wasn’t there…but my lil bro do snap some to share but wait till I get my hand on it k..

there were some probs hppnd to the internet connection…arghh!!! Hate it..wait k”

life n tears...


coz i neva turn back....

life keep grabbing my heart out n left me hopeless with tears..

N yet I neva turn my back on them..

I’m holding my love too tide n lose my grip..

N yet I rather hurt myself then hurting someone else..

I’m trying my best to complete others..

N yet people will miss understood of who am I really was..

I always left my heart wide open for people to stay when they need a shelter..

N yet I’m the one who wondering around with no place to go..

If I touch a heart I’ll make it warm..

N yet mine will frost like winter untouched…

I kept my past right next to me, so I won’t forgot even a bit..

N yet people don’t even noticed dat I was there in their past..

If one day I closed my eyes n neva open for a second..

N yet all this will remain the same..

Coz it was u who make me someone..”

Iskandar issacc

if i neva touch the ground, would i b flying?


untouch luck...

it have been few weeks since the new sems started, but i haven't get the feeling yet..this sems seem to be started rough, as u may seen in the news lately, there have been a strike here..n it was bad..i was there, but....maybe just a wave would b better...

being cnior is not wat i tot it going to be, i'm trying to cope with it n yet i didnt come to any success.. i'm forcing my self to delivered wat i learn in past, n wat i meet is wat i dont want to happend..

next weekend i supposed to join a trip held at Cameron highland under the lead of brother john n once again i need to pull my self out..i need to focus on my final year project..lotz of things need to b prepared..n im soo sorry coz i miss the trip..

when u need to have someone by ur side, n u called them a "FRIEND"....but they arent there to help do u feel?? im trying the best i can for the whole world, n i do belive there is always a place i can stay in my rainy days...but i havent see it yet..

maybe i was a bad person then God send me asign that i am...if i was, i hope that there will always be an angel holding my hand till i reach the end...

p/s sorry abg john..

cinta yg bukan untukku....

aDa BanYak RasE CiNta DaLaM DunIa

tApi bUkaN sEmuA BolEh DiGapaI

hAnyA 1 CiNta yang aKan kEkaL


biler time cecuti...

ujung minggu lps besh giler....kengkawan dari kolej n USIM dtg lepak kt umah aku...perh meriah giler lg meriah dari meriah carey...ahakz!! spanjang minggu asek merayap jer..then biler mlm x tido asek pk saper lg nak kener kutok...wawawawaaa...

ni r zahar n nuar kawan bek aku dr dlu...bnyk kongsi citer sedey n eppy..skrg nih bru masuk sems baru..soo bnyk yg nak kener wat..seronok gak r dpt enjoy sblum abes cuti kn..

aper2 pon tnx kt korg yg sudi dtg melawat "casaBonda" huhu..ader maser free dtg lg k..result da kuar..sumer ok jer walaupon x gempak mane..soo now lets start another great journey!! yeh chayok2!!

cuti-cuti port dickson....jom!!


atas jeti.....3 bujang impian..huhuhuu..


uihhh....macho nyer...ehikz!


sands castle.....


ari da mlm....


jop baso kaki...hehe..


a great daddy of Rizq....


stylo nyer papa mude erk..hehe..


i wanna be a GREAT DAD too..

we will neva knew wat life will bring us in future..but wat i want is to be a great dad just like the person in the pic above..his name is "abg man" just like a brother to me..

die ader baby name nyer "muhammad rizq firdaus" cute kn?? huhu..i neva think bout marriage but i do love kids..few days ago i ask my mom "mak org nak amek anak angkt sblum kawen ley?" n my mom said "ko da giler?? jgn nak ngada.." ahakz!!

my life is a bit diffrent from others did..when i say i love someone, it mean i care..but to others it mean they were in love.. huhuhu..i love my attitude..i dont care wat others will said..

to my dad n others dad out there...u r such a great guy...n i hope i can b one soon...ahaaa..

p/s day i will propose someone from my blog..guess who?? huhuhu...



plastik kew keluli tahan karat??

post kali nih mcm 360' gak slalu ckp asal org sekarang makin teruk kn?? just look to the public..wat hppnd? dunia da modern baju pon xyah pki kn?? n yg plg hangin nyer..taw slhkn org but neva look 4 their own mistake..wat did u do to help?

aku ader knl beberape org guru muda..aku just dengarkn jer cerita yg ntah hape pasal dieorg nih..jop ngumpat jap..

1st kes guru pempuan..x bp rapat ngn aku tp dr aper yg aku tgok die x patot jd guru..u know wat u get from respect ur teacher? u'll learn how to respect ur self cikgu nih ajo anak murid die jd lg teruk..dgn pic ngarot2 ngn anak murid nyer..ntah r..aku raser bek dok umah jer or keje kt paso mlm sbb org mcm die nih taw merosakkan jer..

2nd nih cikgu laki lucky lak...kerja die menyalahkn org len, mcm2 yg anak murid die wat n sumer nyer salah..hey...why not, just look at urself n wat did u do...they wetre all 17-18 or maybe younger then u r..if u think dat u r going to enjoy ur age now..why cant they do the same?? xyah jauh la klu nak wat kijer jht nih..on9 pon ley jeer..aku mmg x phm, ko ni mungkin bodoh sbb minum air kencing cicak bnyk sgt kot.. klu da taw bender tu x elok wat per g cuber...u already know the effect la..aiyaaa...siao la lu..

3rd ni pensyarah...muda sgt n bangga dpt jd pensyarah...xder saper suker kener tipu kn? so ko raser jd pensyarah tu da bgus sgt...bek g dok kt pulau la ajo berok ker org utan.. die asek ngamok anak murid die wat hal jer kt kelas.. padahal die asek menipu mak bapak die 24jam..bgus ker?

disebabkn org mcm nih r yg akn jdkn dunia nih hancur...aku raser klu x g sekolah pon bgus daripada jumpa org plastik mcm nih.aku x risau da aper nak jd kt korg, tp sian mak bapak yg harap anak die jd bgus blajo ngn korg, ader gak yg bg alasan "aku bkn nak pon jd guru nih" hell u... move ur big bud away, ader rmi lg guru yg lyk ganti korg la..huh ni yg hangin nih..

k renung2 kn r masalah nih..aku mmg caci maki guru mcm nih..g r dok kt tasek ker pub ker disco ker menjaja or overtime kijer ker..dr merosakkn org len..huh..

daniel ngn adeq2 nyer..uhuuu..

daniel ngn adeq2 nyer..uhuuu..

picnic rayer tepi laot ader org wat ker??

picnic rayer tepi laot ader org wat ker??

kawan2..yg sgt rupawan ahakz!

kawan2..yg sgt rupawan ahakz!

cuti + raya = aku wahaha...

my sems break have started since 2 days b4 raya...n hell i am enjoying it alot..huhuhu..but too many things to do, n yet i'm well prepared for raya..1st day of rayer ends just nice like it always be..all the relative from my dads side were here...around 50 ppl in da house..wahaha..great im having sooo much fun n TIRED..!

2md day relative from my mom side..just few of them were here...n tnx God for dat ahakz!..then the raye continued to the next level...friendz..yes they do come..tnx to DANIEl n his lil bro the 1st person who came to my house, then ZAIE-IWAN-KELLY-KEMA n da UJAN BAND...huhuhu u neva gonna believe my..coz u know i'm lying..hukhukhuk..

raye is still in the air...but for me..its DONE! coz it time for me to enjoy my holiday...with or without others coz i'm used to it.. now i'm sitting in my room doing soo many thing dat i love to n neva got time to do it..dont ask..ahakz! hurmmm..

a day b4 raya, i got a huge box of gift posted from SARAWAK n i'm soo lucky to have it...huhuhu...tnx to my lil frnds n lil bro...i miz him..huhuhu..a craft from the land dat i neva step in yet n GOD' will i'll b there one day..

this is my first post after i finished my exam...yea final exam n im calming my self down of thinking how bad the result will be...huhuhu..yea just let it b i done the best i can rite.. hurmmm love to b around n glad to read u guyz updated blog..soo c yea bye...

kerana seribu bintang.....*

ni mungkin entry last untuk semesta nih coz aku still ader 3 paper exam yg lom abes lg then trus nak rayer...leceh giler bnyk sgt benda x siap nak diuruskan lg..

tujuan entry nih tuk singkatkan aper yg jadi dlm sem nih, n tuk ucapkan ribuan terima kasih tuk sumer yg da bnyk bantu aku dalam sumer urusan, moga urusan korg lebih dipermudahknNya.

sem ni lah sem yg plg singkt lebih singkt dari skirt amoi kt kedai topup tuh, bnyk sgt kenangan yg best dlm sem ni.. dari awal sem ritu aku jumpa mcm2 org yg amat2 buat aku bahagia..even that some of them were making their own ways now, i still can feel their presence here with me..

life will take part in everything u will do next, but wat its left will stay that way forever...aku mungkin banyk marah org kblkgan nih, tp x bermakna aku benci..n ramai org wat aku tension n sedey tp x bermakna aku da lupakn korg..n i hope i've bring-up lots of smile for this semestar..

pada aku, "semalam xkn berakhir hanya kerana tarikh bertukar, esok xkn terjadi hanya kerana ia tiada disisi, kelak xkn hilang selagi kenangan masih dihati" tnx alot for makin my life worth a 1000 sky..

anuar omar...*


siti fatimah kamaruddin *




awzaie Dr. mujaini....*




nurul nurzafirah...*


putra marzuki...*


brother john iverson...*


adam zikry...*








DBM4 student...*


bezday gathering...*

thanks a lot to all people dat try to do their best for r org2 yg sentiasa ader n pernah buat aku eppy sgt2...sentiasa sokong aku, sentiasa bg semangat, nasihat, dengar masalah aku..n jadikan tiap2 hari aku lebih bermakna..walaupon kenal dalam masa yg singkat...tnx n neva forget this memory u guyz alot...

minah terlampau....


ah long ma!!


exam pasar lambak..

kenape r perempuan nih selalu wat aku resah..hurmmm..
rini aku ader paper..exam final tuk sems nih..ader ker patot
da nak akhir exam tuh ader sorg awek yg x cantek pon..
angkt kasot die tinggi giler...aku mula2 x pasan
da r wana oren bekilat lak tuh...adoi..pening kepale..

aku wat xtaw jer dalam ati mmg panas jer...ingt die sorg ader kasot bru..huh..dgn tetibe aku jd lg hangin biler pempuan2 yg len mula becerita pasal kasot n antaranya ialah..
"kasot die tuh same jer ngn aku tp tinggi sikit" "kasot tuh da ok just wana jer x padan" "tgok kasot aku biru nih, bru gak" aku raser mcm nak hayun kerusi meja tuh kt kepale dieorg..

ader gak yg trus citer pasal raya..adoi...adoi...lg pening aku.. tp nak wat mcm mn truskn jer i kehidupan dengan kaum yg x bertamadun nih..huh! lps tuh bru aku perasan..nombor meja aku tuh da mcm tmpt tmpal notis "ah long" hurmmm...xper r.. nak wat mcm mn...nak senang xnak pikir kesan nyer nnt..

soo next time klu korg nak g exam kn..tlg bawak lastik..n batu bata..korg sental jer minah ker mamat ker yg melaran mcm org giler n mengganngu ketenteraman awam tuh..hurmm ok..
nak g buang panas dlu..

tuan punya blog....huhu..


nape DIA berubah...?

Banyak yg kiter lupe tentang persahabatan, kiter cume tahu kite lakukan kesilapan

biler kite kehilangan sesuatu yg kite hargai dan sangat perlukan..tanpa memikirkan

ape yg org lain perlukan dari kite..sedar x kite perlukan kawan hanya untuk sesuatu

1-kawan kiter bukan kedai topup, biler xder kredit jer kite cari..

2-kawan kite bukan tmpt kereta sewa, ble nak jalan bru ingat..

3-kawan kite bukan badan kebajikan biler xder duet bru nak tanye kabo..

4-kawan kite bukan supermarket, nak ape jer mintak..

5-kawan kite bukan funfair, biler eppy jer datang..

6-kawan kite bukan cafeteria bile lapo bru dtg mencari..

7-kawan kite bukan bustand dok tunggu org datang..

8-kawan kite bukan public phone, sumer org ley tompang call..

9-kawan kite bukan tuhan sentiasa tahu ape yg kite mahukan..

10-kawan kite bukan yang kite kenal dulu..

Ape yg kite pernah lakukan, dia akan ingat sampai biler2..

Kalu kiter sorg kawan kite akn paham hati kawan yg lain.

p/s-ada dalam satu blog sebelum nih, die kutuk dan maki hamun kawan die

siap cakap ketiak mmber dia berbau sbb x pakai deodorant, tp lps knl dia..

aku rasa hati dial g busok dari ketiak kawan dia..sedar la sblum terlambat!

a life i never wanted to have..

the great things happened when someone broke your heart is, it will brake into pieces and get more then it was before..if they dont break your HEART it will stay one part..and only enough for a person u love most...

in my life, people come touch my heart n then left without even say goodbye..its ok, it will never be their fault to do so..coz they gave me another way of being what i need to be...STRONGGER then ever..n yes i tear it all but its make me feel much better then i am before..

having a great life doesnt mean u have to be happy or each of ur wish need to come true..but the way u make it come true is well know as a life..that will lead u to be a BETTER person..

i found soo many intresting people around me, they were people that teach my how to have a great life here n here after.. they were not a PERFECT person, but a perfect frendz..

one day my life will ends too, before i close my eyes i want all of you to know that..wat ever happened as long as we know each others will be a nice MEMORY to me..n thanks alot for always being here..and willing to gave such a great smile for making my life worth a thousand skies..

remember my words, if someone break ur heart, turn to them and say " THANK YOU"...they have help you to become a better person then u are now...n Gods have said in Holy Furqan, "those who love their family and frends will enter heaven freely" so spread ur love n try not to hurt anyone..

DBM students...


speacially edited..


jejaka rebutan...


the moment that never went away..

poser ke 5 lepas kiterorg berbuke poser kt "Restoran Tasik Idaman" mmg best sgt2 the whole DBM was there..jarang sgt2 dpt pluang mcm tuh..walaupon budget nyer agak besar tp mmg puas ati sgt2...

segala mcm mknan ader...n bukan mknan yg wat keadaan tuh best kawan2 yg dtg n support, then sumer eppy smpi blik tuh..tempat tuh mmg agak best gak tuk lepak..tepi tasek yg sangat cantek...then alunan gamelan dari mula sampai hingga balik..

ader pic kt stage gamelan n the whole artis but got probs with the cameras maybe i'll put it mmg gempak giler..wish to have it again..

tnx alot to all frndz and the tasek idaman workers..walaupon perangai kiterorg jauh lg terok dr anto..huhuhu sumer pekerja lyn baek jer..huhuhuu..kenangan nih akn jd antara yg plg best satu ari nnt..

tuan muda iskandar...ahakz!


maharagu nuar...heee..


duda sepi....ehikz!

sabtu lps aku merayap ngn mmber baek aku kt nilai, nompang kt umah die..huhuhuu..taw naper? sbb aku ditinggalkn kesorangan kt bilik..mklum r org len sumer umah dekat jew..aku jauh ck8..

naseb bek nuar ader, gerak dr kolej da nak dekat buka...trus g kedai mkn then oder mknan yg sgt2 x trus mkn yer..tunggu azan dlu..huhuhuu..

lps kenyang melantak, blik umah nuar...berkenalan ngn rakan2 serumah then solat maghrib..rht2 jap pastu g solat isyak n teraweh kt "masjid PUTRA" best sangat...selalu dok teraweh kt bilik jer..lps tuh kite org merayap lg g mcm2 tmpt tok enjoykn ati yg sunyi..huhuhuu..

x lamer lps tuh blik umah..beborak smpi pg..tido 2 jam then bgun sahur lak..kt "manusalwa" mamak tuh...hehewaaaa.. tp sdp gak r..aku mkn NASIK lemak keras, roti TELOR n TEH sarbat...blik jer trus bertemu kasih ngn jamban..huhuhuuu..

kejap jer ngn mmg best sbb jarang dpt jumpa..tu yg org len x phm, kejap pon tiap2 yg jd tu bermakna..k..tnx nuar bwk aku jln2...nnt dtg lg..

ermmm...eppy? smile if u happy?

ermmm..aper pon yg jd dlm idop nih kn, we have to learn how to smile each time when u start ur day..klu sedey or hurt with someone u still need to find something that will make u smile..

think positive, make people look great...n dat wat they will do for wasnt made to be broken, people will neva stop saying bad thing to long as u know how to overcome all the obstacle u will find ur life more intresting then u ever know before..

all da sweet things will past u in a minutes, but dont ever stop from smiling..if u hurts, it will cure...the best medicine will be someone else smiling face looking at u even wordless...but u will know that they appreciated ur present...

smile...!! chayok...!!

uit....da rayer ker? pose biler?

hurmmmmmmmmmmmm...aku g mane2 sumer org cbuk nak cari brg2 rayer...poser nyer sari pon lom lagi..org2 kt malaysia nih mmg hebat2 tol r..sentiasa advance lebih dari castrol advance..wawawawa...ader ker patot aku nak g beli topup org tanyer nak g beli baju rayer ker?....hurmm..rayer hayah ko! wawawa..petang td aku dok siksa hamster r contoh2 kekejaman nyer..eheeeeeeee...

hamster makmur bersalut bijian rangop..

kadang2 macam agak terlampau gak aku nih erk?? huhuhu.. alar kejap jew...aku syg amster aku nih..walaupon nmpk mcm sedap aku mmg xpernah mkn amster aku klu korg teringin nak raser gtaw r aku ley tok korang..ahakz!

kueh raye aku taun nih..

ni yg paling sedap r aku raser setakat nih..kui3x...ader perasa yg pelbagai yerk..sebarang tempahan boleh hubungi 999 sambungan 999 klu xdpt kol jer hotline kami 1-800-7272 En.hotak kau bin md.sengal...huhuhuarghhhh!!!

almond-ster, tart-ster, rose-ster & mcm2 lg...


pose ngn bini org..wawawaaa...


seharian waktu bersama mu...

ANDAI... hari ini milik kita, gunakan sebaiknya kerana esok belum tentu untuk kita.

ANDAI... hari ini kita rancangkan sekemas mungkin tapi jangan lupa pada takdir yang menentukan segalanya.

ANDAI... esok buat kita kecewa,redhalah dengan ketentuan. Sengaja DIA tentukan sedemikian agar kita terus berhati2 untuk lusa yang akan menjelma.

ANDAI... lusa masih takuk lama, tiada perubahan,malah kekecewaan terus berlarutan. Sedarlah... DIA memang suratkan begitu agar kita sedar siapa kita di sisiNYA.
Agar kita lebih bersedia dengan segala kemungkinan yang tiba...



reborn....of me...

its have been a few week that this eyes were wounded with tears, n finally God answer my prayer and send me his angel.. wahahahaaa..ayat nak sedap..aku just nak ckp aku eppy skrg, not tide up onto some one, or tide someone to me..huhuhuuu...

days keep changging people around me, i do change but more to be real person not wat people want me to be..glad to know there were lots of people out there are looking for a frendz like me..

huhuhuuuu...bangga diri lak..i tot by being older i can get people respect, but i just realize dat respect is wat u will earn when u respect others.. sgt2 seronok skrg..each time count as a smile to me..thanks God for still making me smile day to day..

i rather be scolded by people i love then get closer to bad people dat use their smile to keep me comfort then kill in silent..huhuhuu...damn..! i love my family, my self, my frendz n all people around me...thanks guys...

mahal na mahal den kita...sanasy wala nang wakas..

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant
to be serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure
out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these
people may be but you lock eyes with them, you know that very moment
that they will affect your life in some profound way.

And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible,
painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without
overcoming those obstacles you would never realize your potential,
strength, will power or heart.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means
of luck. Illness, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer
stupidity all occur to test limits of your soul.

Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere
safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless.

The people you meet affect your life. The successes and downfalls that you
experience can create whom you are, and the bad experiences can be
learned from. In fact they are probably the most poignant and important ones.

If someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your heart, forgive them because
they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of
being cautious to whom you open your heart.

If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you,
but also because they are teaching you to love and open your heart and eyes to
little things. Make every day count. Appreciate everything that you possibly
can, for you may never experience it again.

Talk to people whom you have never talked to before, and actually listen.
Let yourself fall in love, break free and set your sights high.
Hold you head up because you have every right to.

Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you
don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you.
Create you own life and then go out and live it.

Goodbye july…

Sangat berat tuk tinggalkan semua yg jadi dlm bulan july lepas, terlalu banyak detik beharga n kenangan manis samer ngn sumer org yg aku saying..but it was ended not the way It used to was undiscribeable , terlalu banyak kesilapan yg jadi x kire dari aku mahupun org len..

I lost 3 most wonderful person around me, the person I knew for a long time since we were kids, the person dat has been a part of our small family and the person dat I never think dat he will move away from every dream I made hurt me more then I could tell..

It felt like I’m loosing half of my life some where in past…if I ever could do something to get it back I will..there is no more tears to be cried, it was undiscribeable feeling towards it..they were someone special from the day we met, we know each others and promised dat wat ever happen we wont break apart.. but we did..

I just want every time we had together before to be wat we will do in present..maybe I was holding to tide onto wat I believe to be mine n suddenly I’m loosing my grip n lost it..only God knows how do I love u guys…I love u more then I love my self…it hurts when thinking about someone dat doesn’t even know u did, but I don’t care…if it hurt then it will long I can stand by ur side..

Please don’t walk away…if u were hurt by this word “aku nyesal kenal ngn ko” u should know one more thing “aku nyesal lepaskan ko”…I mean it..from bottom of my heart…soo please…please if u guys are reading this..please…don’t left me…I cant leave only by gasping half of my heart…please..i do love u guys a lot, I’m soo sorry..

love u to have it...

gift nih da lamer aku beli..n nak bg kt one of my best frnd..but he seems to be soo bz, our friendship are breaking up.. salah aku klu kawan..salah ker nak mintak maaf?

rindu sgt2 maser eppy dlu...arap ley ulang ari tu any relationship kiter akan bergaduh...n x rugi klu kiter mintak maaf..but if u want it to be ends here..its ok..just tnx 4 every smile u bring...miss yea...

do u love me?

Sometimes we say sorry because we felt deeply in love

Sometimes we say sorry because we care

Sometimes we say sorry because we hurt someone

Sometimes we say sorry because it's something normal to say

Sometimes we say sorry because it's the best thing and the best way

Sometimes we say sorry just to let the hurtfullness go away

Sometimes we say sorry eventhou we don't really meant it at all

Sometimes I say sorry because I always love you forever more

Yesterday Today Tomorrow Forever and Ever

I learn today that

"Love means never having to say you're sorry"

(Love story, 1970)

aku gay??

Mlm semalam aku bengang giler, masuk2 YM jer jumpa org giler…tetiber jer PM aku then tanyer, are you gay? Woi tolong r…korg ni da luper ker kt maner nih? Ni Malaysia r..jgn jadi bodoh sgt, taw r gay da ramai, tp jangan r nak perasan dunia nih korg nyer…aku segan giler tengok org sekarang, pantang ader rupa menarik sk8 da nak wat hal, aku x heran la kalu pakai baju mahal2, x dok umah asek merayap jer..g mkn tempat2 mahal..tapi kuar ngn Gay..aku sedar n sangat2 bersyukur aku x sehandsome org len, sbb aku xperlu meminta2 kt org tuk dapat aper yg aku nak..

Ader sorg mmber aku dlu pon pernah kecoh2 cakap org len Gay, tapi x sedar diri! Ko tu kawan sumer Gay! Punyer ramai mamat gay support ko! Aper ko ingt org len xtaw? (penuh ngn emosi) sbb aku marah sangat2 biler org suker wat plastic dpn aku…aku bangga dengan aper yg aku ader, biler pndang laptop aku ingt kt ayah ssh payah cari wet belikan, tgok handphone aku (N70 ori) ingt kat mak pujuk ayah belikan aku hp bru..huhuhuu…n xder nak ingt kt org len yg xperlu di ingt tuh..

Perlu ker aku cakap kt org2 yg raser dia bukan gay tuh mcm nih, “ko jangan makan budi org banyak sangat, nnt nak bls guner aper kn?” weh tolong r…kencing basuh sendri xkn ayat nih pon nak soh aku cakap kot..aku pelik giler, aper yg mamat2 Gay tuh dpt lyn korg…ker korg da bagi @#$#%^? Huh segan aku nak pikirkan..suker ati la korg nak wat aper….yg penting klu da dpt HIV cepat2 ck8 mati er…jgn ssh kn org len..untuk sumer mamat2 ensem kt luar saner tuh, maser korang gi toilet tengok tol2 aper yg korg “ader” jgn sampai cari bender yg samer gak..klu confuse ader aper gtaw, aku ley tlg tgok kan..hahaha..

“ ya Allah, sesungguhnya kami hamba2 mu yg seringkali alpa dalam melakukan dosa, ampunkanlah kami dan jadikan kami seseorang yg lebih baik dari sebelumnya..jauhkan kami dari nafsu yg dibelenggu syaitan”

some frnds said.....n u r not..

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never ever the same.

What is a best friend? Almost everyone has one, and almost everyone is one. There’s something about a best friend that cannot be duplicated. Everyone has their own definition of what their own best friend is like and what an impact he or she has made in their life. In this essay I would like to take a better look at some of the simple things that we might take for granted when we think of our best friends.

A best friend is a title held for the few and privileged. The term cannot be thrown around loosely. Not just anyone can be called your best friend. A best friend has to first meet several qualifications and have many outstanding characteristics to have the honor of holding such a prestigious title. Being a best friend is more than someone that you’ve seen everyday and grown up with. A best friend can be someone with whom you’ve known since childhood but can also be someone that youve just met, and similar to love at first sight, you just click with.

Doktor gula ke doktor gila?

Cinta dan kasih sayang ni macam gula, semuanya manis…biler habes jer beli lagi, abes beli lg.. biler ader banyak duet lg manis, macam2 gula kiter akan beli..tapi biler kurang duet, sumer nyer akan kurang manis, biler xder duet langsung semuanya tawar..macam tu gak la dgn cinta ngn kasih nih..biler sampai satu masa nanti kesan nya pon samer…biler terlebih gula, kiter dpt diabetes merana la sepanjang idop selagi kiter x sedar dan x usaha nak kawal penyakit tuh..itu gak la yg jadi biler kiter terlalu sayang pada seseorang, semuanyer manis jer…tapi sampai satu maser die akan tinggalkan kiter, kiter la yg akan merana sorang diri…ingt tuh kawan2, jgn sayang org len lebih dari kamo sayang diri kamo..

hari ni hari baru ker?

da sejam masuk ari baru, sekarang kul 1 pagi..aku xley nak tido lg..mate da tekebil2 xmao tido gak..sebab aku lom ley jawap satu soklan lg..ari ni ari baru ker?

kalu ari baru naper aku still ingt aper yg jadi semalam dan semalamnya? naper aku still xley timer aper yg jadi? salah aku ker sumer org nak marah aku? salah aku ker biler aku dapat sumer yg aku nak? salah ker aku syg dia?

minggu ni kepala hotak aku berat sangat, mcm2 nak pikir.. wet da nak kering, mmg ley topup tp da bnyk wet nnt aku x reti dok diam lak..hurmm..asignment tgh bnyk giler nih..nak wat mcm mls jer..naper yer?

yg pelik nya org len akn wat mcm xder aper jer biler masuk ari baru, mcm smlm tuh x wujud pon..naper? xder ker yg korg syg berlalu dalam hari smlm? aku alien ker? or korg lahir kt marikh? aku try abeskn setiap ari aku dengan senyuman.. supaya esok bermula dengan senyuman still xley jd plastik, org still taw aku x eppy....huh salah aku gak lg..

aper pon aku still senyum, sebab aku taw dia taw aper aku raser..n ramai lg org len sygkn aku lebih dari dia syg kn aku.. hari ni dia pergi, n satu ari nnt die akan paham n klu maser tu dia dtg blik...aku arap Al-fatihah x terlalu ssh tuk dia bagi pada aku..maafkan aku atas aper pon yg aku lakukan, doakn aku bersama org2 yg beriman di sana nanti...

ahah!! sah bukan salah aku...hahaha..

“tahukah kamo sewaktu kamo tidur dengan lena, masih ada insan diluar sana Masih merindui, mencari dan cuba memahami kamu dengan lebih baik? Mungkin Kamo tidak sedar die sentiasa ada untuk kamo, cuba berikan yg terbaik untuk kamo, Tetapi kamo masih tidak sedar setiap kebaikan yg die lakukan..kamo hanya memandang Satu kesilapan yg dia pernah lakukan, sedangkan kesilapan terbesar dia lakukan ialah Bertemu dengan kamu. Tidak semua kehidupan itu sempurna, mungkin dia mahu Disayangi juga dihargai..sentiasa ingin bersama kamo kerana bimbang kehilangan Seorang lagi insan yg dia sayangi..fikirkan jika kamo tersedar ke esokan harinya dan dia Telah tiada, pada siapa kamo akan ungkapkan segala yg kamo baru sahaja fahami? Dia mungkin pernah melakukan kesilapan, tapi tahukah kamo apa yg lebih takut dia kehilangan? ‘kamo’ kamo lah yg lebih beharga padanya..’meminta maaf’ tidak akan menjadikan kamo hina, keji Atau rugi, sebaliknya membuatkan kamo sedar hidup ini tidak sempurna jika hanya ada kamo”

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Republik - Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

Ku telah miliki
Rasa indahnya perihku
Rasa hancurnya harapku
Kau lepas cintaku

Rasakan abadi
Sekalipun kau mengerti
Sekalipun kau pahami
Ku pikir ku salah mengertimu

owowowo Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

ow wooo wo wo wo

Walaupun semua hanya ada dalam mimpiku
Hanya ada dalam anganku
Melewati hidup
[ Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu lyric found on ]

Rasakan abadi
Sekalipun kau mengerti
Sekalipun kau pahami
Ku pikir ku salah mengertimu

owowowo Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

Aku hanya ingin kau tahu
Besarnya cintaku
Tingginya khayalku bersamamu

Tuk lalui waktu yang tersisa kini
Di setiap hariku
Di sisa akhir nafas hidupku