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da seminggu melarikan diri dari kolej..
i think this PAPER things really burden me up..
a lot..
it is simple..
but i make it sound worse..

biler mula jer wat paper nih..
mkn = daging black PAPER..
minum = PAPERmint cool blog
wat kijer = PAPER cut
sumer ada paper..

one thing for sure..
i lost my identity..
i dont have time for any other great things to do..
im only know how to break thing rather then make one..
tamper in highly risk of death..
n worse...i hurt everyone feeling..

one week looking for answer..
n today..
i found it hide in nature..
"SOMETIME we need to understand all,
its not what we always want most..
but what others need"

tomorrow im going back to college..
i wanna start new..
i knew i was not a good writter..
but those good writter doesnt burried with his paper right?

i will do the best..
not for u or others..
but for me..
A is not my aimed..
few weeks in new semester.. DULL* it started wrong... working up wrong.. n still...wrong! i dont know wat to do next..
org akn pndang aku..dan ckp.. UNTUNG lah...ada itu.. ada ini.. ada dia.. they really know wat i need most?
when HE walk out from my life.. he took away a big junk of me.. part of my heart.. box full of memories.. and he left me with a single DOTS.. a SCAR..that doesnt really appear but hurt more then dead would be..
sometime i wish i could disappear.. but dark wont shade me.. i wish i could shone.. nor light will be that great.. i wish i could stop.. but life still ahead..
i start a day.. with a HOPE of getting cured.. a hope of getting a new place to hide.. a hope of being love n to love.. at the end of the day.. it goes HOPE----less..
the last word u said.. "life goes on" will filled in the last part in my heart.. i HOPE it grow.. till my life is complete.. and oneday.. if u ever turn back for me.. i HOPE i will neva be that person who i used to be..
i HOPE you will never be here..