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faith n me...

what will chear ur day? dat question have been wondering in my mind for years...but i only found the answer now, actually it was the easiest answer to give.. if u want to chear ur day, wat u need to do is to chear people around u 1st. few days ago i met this kids dat really change the way i think..he was soo inocen, at his age i done a river of mistake, but he didn't..when i looked at him, i saw wat i wanna be in the 1st place.. it was like his life reflecting the life i dreamed..the way he smile, he lough n everything he did make me c a new lil world dat i lost in past..if he noticed, i do care bout him coz i hope he will not repeating even single of my mistake..n i thanks God for sending him over...

"faith n me"
"life will always be surprising to wat eva u dont expect,
today is my one of greatest day eva
when new smile bring the light back into my life..."

people called it FAITH but for me it was FATH

and i thanks God for sending him over..