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just another cruel facts!

tonight i learn another facts.. why some ppl like me more.. and why some of them hated me badly..
this is me.. im not the one who stay..left..or wounded ur memory with lies.. plz do not judge me with ur past.. im real..and none of me reflect them..
dia pernah ckp... "np potong rambut mcm tuh?" "saya suke tgok awak nyer style" then this night i finally know why... --I look just like HIM-- didnt i?
its kindda sad.. knowing that someone like or love u.. just becoz u look like what they had earn years ago.. u believe u step here.. but ur mark had been there.. --im just like a shadow-- nobody will care..
it was damn hard to let go.. yet too dump to stay while knowing that im not the one.. yg dia rindu...syg...or wat eva.. why do i wish to stay.. why do i have to face this.. do i have to move on without...?
i missed u damn much.. i wish this is just a dream...


bulan nih.. sgt bnyk membebankn otak.. sgt bnyk memikirkn.. yg lalu.. sekarang.. yg depan..
bulan nih gak aku plg bnyk menangis.. sgt mcm dak kecik.. xtawu np.. but each time i remember those IDIOTS.. tears falls.. that make me another IDIOT..
terlalu bnyk yg aku dah ilang.. 24 tahun.. cukup bnyk masa yg dihabiskn untuk menyayangi.. berkongsi perasaan.. yg akhirnya.. tetap sendirian..
hidup sekadar mimpi.. indah seketika.. ngeri pon sementara.. tapi kesan nya kekal...sampai bila2..
rindu untuk gembira.. senyum.. tertawa.. tapi.. menangis lbh mudah..
aku syg dia.. aku cinta dia.. aku rindu dia.. aku perlukan dia.. dan setiap DIA adalah org berbeza.. bukan tamak.. tapi hati akan kekal begitu..

tnx sbb pernah ada dlm hidup sy.. dan benarkan saya untuk terus disini..

hanya sekadar mendengar...

lately sgt kerap teringat kt dia... mungkin dia rasa aku nih kwn yg x guna.. or aku da lp kn dia..
aku tanya kwn2 len.. dia sht...? baby dia ok ker? i did remember all those great moment we once had.. tp aku tawu there is no way HE gonna let me see both of them..
hari tu... lame gak bediri kt dpn lovely lace mid.. tgok kasut baby gurl.. cumil.. aku tawu klu beli pon aku xdpt nak bg.. n confirm baby tuh akn dpt yg lbh bek..
mungkin pd org len baby tuh x same.. but to me that lil angel will always be angel.. n aku sgt berharap.. dia xkn sia2 kn satu lagi kehidupan..
aku nak baby tu tawu dia ada uncle.. mungkin x sebaik org len.. but at least aku cube tuk jd baik..
mungkin satu masa nnt tuhan akn temukan aku ngn mereka.. x kira bila.. aku ttp akn tggu..

dia mesti akan cantik mcm mama dia.. slmt mlm...

i just did..

sometime faith is a bit cruel to me.. it send me a smile that ends with tears.. then came a heart yet it goes broken.. is it me.. or its really faith who is playing around....?
last weekend was a disaster.. i saw someone i used to know b4.. dia da ada family.. that person doesnt ever turn to look.. but i can see that they were happy togather.. that is what most important..
then.. i met someone.. thinking that it have been years when we last met.. i was thrilling with excitement but then.. it doesnt work well.. she told me she's getting engage soon..
hell shocked with that.. but i do wish she could find someone better.. n she did.. thanks God for making my pray came true..
i never ask anyone to wait.. n no one did.. that is why i think.. the best thing to do is.. "walk away"
aku sentiasa harap org akn lbh bahagia dari aku.. x kire saper pon org tuh.. dgn saper dia teruskan idop.. or what ever situation they face.. aku doakan mereka bahagia..
i'd choose my path.. n im not going to turn back.. thanks f…