just another cruel facts!

tonight i learn another facts..
why some ppl like me more..
and why some of them hated me badly..

this is me..
im not the one who stay..left..or wounded ur memory with lies..
plz do not judge me with ur past..
im real..and none of me reflect them..

dia pernah ckp...
"np potong rambut mcm tuh?"
"saya suke tgok awak nyer style"
then this night i finally know why...
--I look just like HIM--
didnt i?

its kindda sad..
knowing that someone like or love u..
just becoz u look like what they had earn years ago..
u believe u step here..
but ur mark had been there..
--im just like a shadow--
nobody will care..

it was damn hard to let go..
yet too dump to stay while knowing that im not the one..
yg dia rindu...syg...or wat eva..
why do i wish to stay..
why do i have to face this..
do i have to move on without...?

i missed u damn much..
i wish this is just a dream...


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