melengkapi dan kesempurnaan..

" setiap manusia akan dan pernah melakukan kesilapan,
dan kita bukan tuhan untuk tentukan hukuman..dosa mahupun pahala..
hanya mampu atau tidak memaafkan kesilapan tersebut"

it have been few days i left my mouth locked at room..
do lots of things but prefer in silent..
there were things i believe i would rather not to talk..
no matter how fast this tears run through my face..
words...wont came out easily...

this years seem to be soo nicely welcome me..
each day was a blessed..
few things went wrong..
but yet i still willing to share some warm smile..

i finally felt my life had been completed..
this is more then enough..
n suddenly things are crushing down..

there were people out there who trying to act God..
with bow n arrows..
killing people future with lies n regrets of past..
n yet they forgot that they were born human..
humble n uncontrolled..

i dont care who he was before..
or what would he be in future..
all i ask is what will he pay today..
n all were greatly warm..
until that DEMON rise..
n putting fingers towards what he was n wat i am..
n y? 
if u r bound to hell..
doesnt mean we are in the same lane..

one discussion change all..
we were never gonna be the same..
it hurts both of us..
n thank to that DEMON..we were now strangers..

yes i cried..
for God sake..
i will return this favor to u one day..
God will listen...
n u will suffer..

lbh menyedihkan bila kita hrp seseorg itu akn phm kita..
but she would not try too..
mak said.."taun dpn bila semua da selesai...tunang la kalau da sedia"
n i said..
" zaman skrg kawen atas dasar cinta dan bkn kefahaman"
dan yg akn jd after few month..
im not going to get married until i finally found a person who really understand me..

i'd turn off my facebook account..
yahoo massager..
so did others..
i didnt reply msg..didnt pick up calls..
it doesnt mean i hate to..
just i need my space..
as no one seem to care..

"org laen ada abg dari lahir sampi mati...
aku hanya ada abg sekejap..tu pon org dengki..
salah ker?"

life is karma..
n tears are prayers..


  1. salam..hai..sedih sedih je bace entry awak..sabar ok..semua yg terjadi ade hikmah..

    psstt.."Allah tak janji kan pd kite..kehidupan tanpa kesakitan..kegembiraan tanpa kesedihan..cahaya matahri tanpa Allah janji pd kite..kekuatan menempuh kehidupna..ketenangan disebalik kesedihan..dan cahayaNya disebalik kegelapan.." matter what happen..hadapilah dengan senyuman..ok..:)

    1. thanks alot now cured i guess..=) i believe God knows better.. have a blessed day n day after..tnx again..

  2. welkam..okek lah if dah cured..yup..Allah knows better..hanya Dye yang tahu duduk letak baik buruk nye sesuatu kejadian n aturan hidup hamba Dye..just folo da flow eh..:)


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