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every ends of something will be a begining of something else..

nape ssh sgt nak phm maksud nyer kn..
nape r org len sng jer lupakn yg lps2..
nape org len ley wat mcm2 tapi aku xley..

i just miss my self..
what i used to be..
how great i am..
how lucky to be me..

now it all change..
for a better?
i dont even know..

masa cpt sgt berlalu..
ramai yg aku da ilang..
sampai biler...?

tlg jgn tinggalkan saya..
saya perlukan kamo..
terima kasih untuk selalu ada..

24 february...i miss u MORE

kenapa saya terlalu RINDU kamo? SMS kamo.. CALL kamo.. MAKAN ngn kamo.. SAYA eppy tanpa kamo.. tapi.. KENAPA saya..... hurmmm.. saya MAHU kamo bahagia.. TERIMA kasih..
huhuaaaa~ this morning aku ader terbaca satu comment.. "u seem to be desprately looking for love put ur shirt on coz u r not going to get the attractive girls in that way"
am i? ader aku kesah? im just doing things that i love to do it.. there were lots of others thing that i considered -IMPORTANT- then just keep on thinking bout love..
im 23 n can fully manage my life.. thanks for the comment.. but im happy with the way i am now.. ader masalah..??
tgok r manusia nih.. ader jer yg kn? xper saya seorg yg baik hati.. just maki sikit jer.. !@#$%^^&*()!!! @#%^*$^&!! huhuhuaaaa~
skrg da ok.. hencik izkandar...chill..=)
p/s pn.BAGUS for last year saya di offer untuk bercouple ngn more the 10 different sweet guys n gurls..soo do i cared? no..just move out from ur LOVE fantasy n FUCKup!
weeee~ puas ati n eppy sgt..

dia dan laut...