this morning aku ader terbaca satu comment..
"u seem to be desprately looking for love
put ur shirt on coz u r not going to get the attractive girls in that way"

am i?
ader aku kesah?
im just doing things that i love to do it..
there were lots of others thing that i considered
then just keep on thinking bout love..

im 23 n can fully manage my life..
thanks for the comment..
but im happy with the way i am now..
ader masalah..??

tgok r manusia nih..
ader jer yg kn?
xper saya seorg yg baik hati..
just maki sikit jer..
!@#$%^^&*()!!! @#%^*$^&!!

skrg da ok..
hencik izkandar...chill..=)

p/s pn.BAGUS
for last year saya di offer untuk bercouple ngn more the 10
different sweet guys n gurls..soo do i cared? no..just move out
from ur LOVE fantasy n FUCKup!

weeee~ puas ati n eppy sgt..


  1. wallawehh..sometimes people will get jealousy dgn org yg sdg bahgia!

    tapi, nak kesah ape kan??

    just go what are you supposed to be.


  2. huhuhuaaa~ tnx cik ceri yg berckp..ngeee~ sy mmg x pernah kesah pon..kiter mmg hotz so aper masalah nyer kn? kn? huhuhu~ tnx again..

  3. ~uwawaaa..sgt epi kamo yer! santek pic kamo yg nih...nk sign ley? ahaks....


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