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kenapa qaseh bkn cinta....?

mungkin posting kali nih agak peribadi ck8...just nak kurangkn aper yg terbuku kt dlm ati aku n jelaskn aper yg org len asek persoalkn...harap lps ni xder saper yg akn tanyer lg...hope soo..

mgkin ramai yg xpernah taw np aku x bz bercinta...pertama sekali aku raser terlalu awal tuk bercinta dlm usia ni n tanggungjawab bnyk lg yg perlu diutamakn..aku pernah suka pada A tp die da pun wat pilihan dlm idop die suatu masa dulu, bkn sekali tp 2...n aku bkn pilihan ati die.. aku x pernah marah tp mghrp yg die terus bahagia..taun ni masuk taun ke 16 kami berkawan..n masih mesra, cuma kawan...dan tu lbh baek..aku ttp syg die smpi bile2, not becoz she was my 1st love..but she was the only person always be whenever i need someone to talk with.. tp bkn ditakdirkn untuk bersama dlm laen hubungan...

dlm taun 2005, aku berkenalan ngn C...seseorg yg penting tok aku...sentiasa bg semangat, nasihat n care die tego tiap2 kesilapan aku sgt baek..n aku terima..5 taun berkawan ngn die..mmg die jarang ada sbb…

childrens day special..

few day ago, it was childrens day where children been shows lot more respect each year, coz we are all used to be children...childhood will never come again in future, lets kids be kids..this post is for my 3 lil beloved lil sis and lil brothers..

"each day God give me, i love to filled it with ur smile..if i could show u how much i care for every tears dropping by, i will...maybe im not a good brother for u all but i've tried to be one..every time i try it make me better in understanding u guys..but i do make mistake, n sorry if u hurt by my words..

maybe i was not there when u need me most, it was a gift to see u walk, talk n grown up...i dont have that in my memory..wat u have become today will make me proud too..coz i know u guys will neva do the same mistake i did..i will never stop on loving u guys from u r kids, now n later...

i just want to have someone to cares, life is hard enough to believe...n u guys are wat i need to put up smile on my rainy days...everyo…
my new semester break just started last friday...hurmm...maybe for others this is wat they waitting for..but not for me..i've to say bye to lil god brother...n the rest.. in two n a half month anything can happend..i was not in a mood to write bout my just that i dont want ppl that i care most do the same mistake i did..

i am a bad temper..but normaly i only scolding someone for their own good..i know im not good enough for others to listen...but i really care for ppl around me..maybe i was a person with the hardest heart, but i do need someone to love n been one seem to understand wat i am..

i feel soo bad when i ran n look for ppl who never see me through the whole life..i care for ppl that never say hi to me...i love ppl who never say thanks even for once...n i never hurt ppl that always hurt me..but still i am a human...can u guys c?

i dont have lover coz i'm the only son in the family, got lots of responsible to take i bad for that? i …
hurmm...asal aku raser terok sgt tok cuti nih...i just afraid of loosing ppl dat i care that all.. is it?? nape lame sgt?? adoyai...aku arap sumer akn ok smpi sem bru mula nnt..jgn ilang k..sayang kamo0 sumer..=')