my new semester break just started last friday...hurmm...maybe for others this is wat they waitting for..but not for me..i've to say bye to lil god brother...n the rest.. in two n a half month anything can happend..i was not in a mood to write bout my just that i dont want ppl that i care most do the same mistake i did..

i am a bad temper..but normaly i only scolding someone for their own good..i know im not good enough for others to listen...but i really care for ppl around me..maybe i was a person with the hardest heart, but i do need someone to love n been one seem to understand wat i am..

i feel soo bad when i ran n look for ppl who never see me through the whole life..i care for ppl that never say hi to me...i love ppl who never say thanks even for once...n i never hurt ppl that always hurt me..but still i am a human...can u guys c?

i dont have lover coz i'm the only son in the family, got lots of responsible to take i bad for that? i dont have lil brothers like others did, but i find n care my two lil godbrothers, but they dont even try to listen to my heart...did i do something wrong?? i only have this damn hell blog to talk with..y? y?

my mom said, i love ppl more then i love my self...yes coz i rather been dead without ppl that i care...soo just pray that im dead..tnx..tnx..tnx...yes im done of talking stupid things..again..=')


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