childrens day special..

few day ago, it was childrens day where children been shows lot more respect each year, coz we are all used to be children...childhood will never come again in future, lets kids be kids..this post is for my 3 lil beloved lil sis and lil brothers..

"each day God give me, i love to filled it with ur smile..if i could show u how much i care for every tears dropping by, i will...maybe im not a good brother for u all but i've tried to be one..every time i try it make me better in understanding u guys..but i do make mistake, n sorry if u hurt by my words..

maybe i was not there when u need me most, it was a gift to see u walk, talk n grown up...i dont have that in my memory..wat u have become today will make me proud too..coz i know u guys will neva do the same mistake i did..i will never stop on loving u guys from u r kids, now n later...

i just want to have someone to cares, life is hard enough to believe...n u guys are wat i need to put up smile on my rainy days...everyone do make mistake, i'm here...a heart to keep u warm, n shoulders to hold on..n here i will stay..i'll never 4get that u r growing up n one day u will left..n its ok..if u do need me oneday onwards, find me..n if i'm soo sorry if god ask me to join him up there..

i just want the best thing for all of u to be with...if im not, i'll move out..i know this blog only view by me, but this is wat my heart said...i just hope that one day u guys will know bout this..i'll do anything to be a perfect brother, but this is me..n im not perfect..thanks for being here..

dedicated to...
mohd syahad
mohd fathi hussein


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