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the last sunrise..

have u ever think that u might not giving the chances to look at the sunrise again?
i do and i always did...every time im going to bed, i'll pray for Dear Allah spend me
another day for me to walk in..

mungkin pada org len, this is such a normal things to do..but to me its not..
i'm going to pray for every single chance to live a life once again..
if i awake that morning n still looking at the sunrise..
i'll do everything i wanna do..most of it not for me..
but for people who i cared most..

i'm not writing all this for sympathy..
but for people who read this to realize how lucky u are..

some time i wake up with bloody noose..
i'll ran to toilet n clean it up before someone see it..
kadang2 perot sangat2 im going to die soon..
but i do my work as usual..

do i have to tell others bout what i need?
coz the only cure for all of this..
is "one nice smile" from people i said..
"jaga diri bek2, kamo mesti ley wat semua nih n jd org yg lbh bek dari saya"

kerana syurga itu bercahaya..


masih di pintu yg sama...