a touch of past..

agak lame x sentuh blog nih..kurang berkesempatan tuk menambah cerita..
mungkin ilang semangat tok update blog mcm dlu2..ct, abg john, anne, zaff
n the rest pom da jarang bkk blog nih..aku pon..huhuhuu..

i used to live by holding on wat past teach me with..but somehow i loose hope
when someone i tot i knew left me with no reason or goodbye..starting from there
i neva look back to get n pick up all the memories..

few days ago i was touched when someone called me with name only few ppl knew..
they still remember the day when we were togather..tetibe aku rasa besalah sbb langsung x toleh blkg tok satu masa yg sangat lama..

dlm ati still teringt, just i wont bare to be hurt again in the same way..i just cant..
for years i've been trying to be someone good to everyone, perfect in any ways, complete
to recover ppl empty spaces..but i left my life empty..

if i turn now..would i get my past life back? i wish i could..but wat i get now is better..
im tired of thinking bout wat do i need to be now..plz..could someone hold my hand
and show me the way??


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