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this is now..this is ever...


pesan mak...

im spending 2 weeks away from casabonda.. where im trying to understand the way i am better.. tnx to ibu n abah that trying soo hard to comfort me..
mak ckp.. "kau ni sombong..ego" i said, i smile to any person that walk through me n im still "sombong?" mak ckp.. "sombong sbb x cube bljr maafkn org..ego sbb rasa apa yg kau buat sumer betol"
yes i am..
wat else do i need to do..? i trust ppl around me.. i neva cared about wat there were.. miskin ker kaya ker lawa ker.. that doesnt bother me even a bit.. but do they act the same toward me? they dont..
my whole life was thinking wat the best for others.. n neva did for me.. n wat did i ask for return?  non.. but ppl always look at the negative side of me.. n when i did the same.. once again... im the only bad person who stand on earth..
klu die suker something..i would try to gave them the best i can.. klu dia x reti masak..its ok im going to cook for u the whole life ahead.. u dont look like models...fine atleast u always look good…

we shouldn't wait for another mistake..

sometimes life ask us more then what we expected..
i used to know who i am, what i want who i'm gonna be and where to go..
but now..
" I'M LOST "

i always overlook the future..
this wasnt because i'm running away from my past..
but keeping those memories hurt me more then others think..

i thought walking in open wide future is much easier then walking through the past..
but it is not..
so i turn back and pick up every pieces of my past and hold it to gain strength to face days onward..

i wish i doesn't have to wait for any changes to happen..
as im the one who change my life..
but once again i forgot that this world wasnt all bout me..

"no matter how hard this life would be..
or how often its make u cry..
dont ever lost hope onto things that u believe.."

wish i could stay..

dlm dunia nih rmi yg cube bantu diri sendiri tanpa pikir org len..
dan biler org len cuba bantu yg memerlukan ader plak yg nak tolong sshkn lg..

agak sedeh biler family aku lbh percayakn org len dari aku..
aper pun yg aku cube buat skrg nih..
aku da lama pikir..
lgpun nih dpt bntu aku jd org yg lbh baek kelak..
tp rmi yg x setuju..
soo instead of doing good things i started to do it wrong..
dan aku nak semua org yg buat aku berenti dari buat apa yg sepatutnyer aku buat tanggung..
sumer dosa n silap aku sepanjang hidup dieorg..

family aku ckp aku lbh kn org luar dr kuarga..
x tawu ker berapa bnyk yg aku da korbankn tuk family nih..
kuarga fifie ckp aku tlg org x beragak..
yes i am..
sbb aku bkn dok kt tepi tingkap sambil ckp..
"kesian org tuh..." tp x wat per2 tuk tolong..
this is real life..real story..
bkn mcm tgok drama ley ttp jer tv tuh..
bkn gak pesanan dlm buku2 agama..
baca dan tutup buku..
act like u care is the right way of showing ur emotion..

fifie mara…