pesan mak...

im spending 2 weeks away from casabonda..
where im trying to understand the way i am better..
tnx to ibu n abah that trying soo hard to comfort me..

mak ckp..
"kau ni sombong..ego"
i said, i smile to any person that walk through me
n im still "sombong?"
mak ckp..
"sombong sbb x cube bljr maafkn org..ego sbb rasa apa yg kau buat sumer betol"

yes i am..
wat else do i need to do..?
i trust ppl around me..
i neva cared about wat there were..
miskin ker kaya ker lawa ker..
that doesnt bother me even a bit..
but do they act the same toward me?
they dont..

my whole life was thinking wat the best for others..
n neva did for me..
n wat did i ask for return? 
but ppl always look at the negative side of me..
n when i did the same..
once again...
im the only bad person who stand on earth..

klu die suker something..i would try to gave them the best i can..
klu dia x reti masak..its ok im going to cook for u the whole life ahead..
u dont look like models...fine atleast u always look good to me..
aku terima seadanya..y dont u??

yes i did wrong..
n im trying my best to try n correct every single mistake i did..
n y dont u do the same..?

i made up my mind now..
im not going to fall in love until i reach 28 y.o
by then im going to have my own lil family with those who really cared..

"knowing u was a miracle, but loving u is just a myth"

i dont turn twice at the same spot..
when i already walk through u..
just move away..n dont bother..


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