we shouldn't wait for another mistake..

sometimes life ask us more then what we expected..
i used to know who i am, what i want who i'm gonna be and where to go..
but now..
" I'M LOST "

i always overlook the future..
this wasnt because i'm running away from my past..
but keeping those memories hurt me more then others think..

i thought walking in open wide future is much easier then walking through the past..
but it is not..
so i turn back and pick up every pieces of my past and hold it to gain strength to face days onward..

i wish i doesn't have to wait for any changes to happen..
as im the one who change my life..
but once again i forgot that this world wasnt all bout me..

"no matter how hard this life would be..
or how often its make u cry..
dont ever lost hope onto things that u believe.."


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