this were our krafkami new collection..
it was inspired by those who i really cared this day..
those who are as much important as my day is..
the stories goes...

a gift for someone..
she was  an important person to my lil brother..
she means alot to him..
like sun..
i knew sometime im a bit hursh on him..
i really wanna have that moment..alone..
but sometime things are better left unspoken..
i hope by giving mr.sunny to her will make her feel better..
coz that wat would make my lil brother a much better..

my lil brother were like those cloud..
sharing his shade..
for people he love most..
always around them..
got highly motivated life..
i wish i were there..
but i just cant..

she was a great friend to me..
always someone who got positive emotion..
giving her speech..
like those teacher i once had..
she always motivated me to swap off the tears..
n had a better life ahead..

this is me..
rains my own life..
dark..n emotionless..
n i wish i could be those cumulus..
always been needed..
always be part of me..


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