22 December 2011

22 December 2011
12.05 am..

Still dragging this eyes to sleep..
It wont even shut for a second..
Sometimes im annoyed with my own self..
The way I set things around me..
The way I stand along all the lies..
The broken promises..
It hurts…

I often said..
“its for ur own good”
“im doing this not to get paid in any ways”
But I lied..
I wish those people would hear me..
I wish people would understand me..
I need them..
I need them to know how much I want to be with them..
As often as I could..
Like sun during days..
Like moon at night..
I wish..

I would love to spell my thought out..
But I done it before..
Where it goes straight to alley of nothingness..
It hurt me more..
N I choose not to do it again..
Faking this smile..
Shading this tears..
This would be the way..

I’ll let this heart <3 decide..
Im a slave to my own feeling..
I wont be running even got the chances..
Coz I knew..
Running away wont HUSH the feeling..
Things I kept inside..
Im stuck..
I love u..
But u neva love me that much..
Should i….?


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