new passion's!

few weeks after some handsomely cash loaded into my accaunt..
i started to turn shopaholics..
gurhh...i am..
n no doubt i even start to create new hobby..
new passions..
the 1st novel i bought was..

agak tebal..
2-3 minggu gak baru abes..huhuaaa~
then next shopping spree..
i bought 2 more novels..

the sherlock holmes was greatly finished reading in one day..
as it was just few hundred pages..
the phoenix file have to wait..

im totally lost into this novels..
tawu novel lama..
tp cerita nih kenangan tgok ngn bff n adik aku..
i got it in a great deal from MPH books carnival..
damn great..
i just hope by reading those books will help..
to improve my english..
hope so..


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