17 December 2011

One whole day with double bless..
My bff n adik..

It startd with a plan on going for educational fairs..
Then it goes straight into lot of amusement..
Great fun n joy..
It might just be a window shopping..
As I dried out of cash..huhuaaa~
But It gave us some new memories..
Better then the rest we had before..
N I admitted this 3 days was more awesome then 3 years ago..

Every year on xmass eve..
Zahar n me will always be in center of midvelley..
Jumping around the great deco..
Nice songs..
Good spot for “cuci mata”
The same goes on this year..
But I was thrilled more..
As my lil brother had come together..

We had one great xmass eve few years ago..
It was our first..
Now it flips all the memories open..
For a better things to be remembered..
He smiled more..
Laugh more..
N much more “mesra”..

When times out..
We got on the train..
I already miss them both..
Time is slipping away..
Few month ahead will be another adjustment in our life..
Zaha will finish his bachelor n adik will done his diploma..
Wish time would stop now..
I don’t mind of getting old..
Just I hate so much of saying goodbye..
N here I am..
All by myself..

O’ My Lord..
Spare us another life..
Another great life to shared..

I really hope E.N.D won’t become a dead ends for this lovable relationship..
Wat we have before is already tide out in my memory..
And wat we have now will stay in a better place..
Love u guys more..
Tnx zaha & fath..


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