semester breaks mean HEAVEN!!

for some people out there..
staying inside the house for one whole week
could be a disaster..
but not for me..

i was bless with few talent..
i believe a good one..
i love to design..
also to create something beyond my imagination..
mostly bout crafts..

this is what happen during my first week of semester breaks..
enjoy the view..

this was the first room bein redesign..
my own bedroom..
crazy over blue n white..

i've made this as its focal point..

the most enjoyable n memorable part..

craft corner i'd made it my self using old wooden box..
every angle have its own special pick!

second room was my sis..
using more nutral color making it look glimmers then b4..

third room belongs to my lil fairy..
red hot blinding colors..

both doors for this woodrobe is not functioning quite well  so i change it with curtain..

style ala2 katil siang..

nice and simple..
one month wont be enough for me..
lots of things i love to try on..
n i hope this gonna be a better start for me..=)


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