me n that little world of urs..

it was fun when people look at u..
and said..
"u have change a lots"
but behind that smiling face..
who will eva know what really change it..

when we care for someone soo much..
we would jump into fire..
or dive into an open sea..
without thinking what will happen next..
and when it happen..
we often said..
"i wish this would neva happen"

i have been living in the world..
that not everyone will survive..
world full of love..
but non would stay for long..

i knew..
some people might think i was jerk..
or worse..
tapi sumer tuh x pernah penting..
i'd made a promise..
to stay n care..
until i wont be needed anymore..
and i did..
i stay..

but what eva happen..
since we last met each others..
really hurt me..
looking at every single mistake u done..
without knowing where to stop..
even sometimes i dont even dare to look..

please change..
change to someone better..
better then i did..
i wish u were listening..
i know i was not good enough..
but u will neva knew how bad it would be..
stop what eva u r doing now..

i wish to tell u that..
but i knew..
u wont even turn..
but promise me..
to love urself better the anyone else did..

and i will always love u..


  1. wah2..nice word, trmenung seketika..(n_n), s'olah2 berada d'tmpt kamo,(eceh) emm..wat wil hpen next...ya?

  2. angah: yess..this is me...
    nuar: tnx..i dont know...hope 4 something better..


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