i just did..

sometime faith is a bit cruel to me..
it send me a smile that ends with tears..
then came a heart yet it goes broken..
is it me..
or its really faith who is playing around....?

last weekend was a disaster..
i saw someone i used to know b4..
dia da ada family..
that person doesnt ever turn to look..
but i can see that they were happy togather..
that is what most important..

i met someone..
thinking that it have been years when we last met..
i was thrilling with excitement but then..
it doesnt work well..
she told me she's getting engage soon..

hell shocked with that..
but i do wish she could find someone better..
n she did..
thanks God for making my pray came true..

i never ask anyone to wait..
n no one did..
that is why i think..
the best thing to do is..
"walk away"

aku sentiasa harap org akn lbh bahagia dari aku..
x kire saper pon org tuh..
dgn saper dia teruskan idop..
or what ever situation they face..
aku doakan mereka bahagia..

i'd choose my path..
n im not going to turn back..
thanks for all that "great memories"

23 October 2012 


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