few weeks in new semester..
it started wrong...
working up wrong..
n still...wrong!
i dont know wat to do next..

org akn pndang aku..dan ckp..
UNTUNG lah...ada itu..
ada ini..
ada dia..
huuh..do they really know wat i need most?

when HE walk out from my life..
he took away a big junk of me..
part of my heart..
box full of memories..
and he left me with a single DOTS..
a SCAR..that doesnt really appear but hurt more then dead would be..

sometime i wish i could disappear..
but dark wont shade me..
i wish i could shone..
nor light will be that great..
i wish i could stop..
but life still ahead..

i start a day..
with a HOPE of getting cured..
a hope of getting a new place to hide..
a hope of being love n to love..
at the end of the day..
it goes HOPE----less..

the last word u said..
"life goes on"
will filled in the last part in my heart..
i HOPE it grow..
till my life is complete..
and oneday..
if u ever turn back for me..
i HOPE i will neva be that person who i used to be..

i HOPE you will never be here..


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