Org kata idop ni mcm roda, ada masa diatas n ada masa dibawah…mmg betol..last 2 weeks ago was one of my dream, so much happiness dropping by. But this few days are tiring me with lots of tears.. as long as I noticed, I would rather hurt my self n not others, I care for every words that came out from my lips n pray that it wont hurt even a bit…but why in the world people forgot to do the same to me??

They just said what they like, even sometime it was clearly will hurt anyone who listen to it.. and why everytime they did it, they came and said “im soo sorry if I hurt u” then I need to forgive them..but soon it happened I look like someone that u guys can said bad things anytime u like?? Don’t I have feelings to?

Aku bangga ngn aper yg aku ader, family yg concern bout my personal life, kawan2 yg cares to listen to anything that I need to said, kuarga angkat yg try to love me like I was part of their family…but did they felt the same?? Maybe they’re not…coz im such a bad son, brother, friend and bad bad bad person..

But here in this blog, I said with my heart open…I will neva stop in believing what eva I think is right, and I will neva stop loving someone I care as long as they want me too..for sure I don’t care to rent my life for others to stay in, even that I have no other place to go..COZ I LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!! If there is anything wrong with that?? Why I kept loosing my grip onto what I care n love? Why??

This blog is the only place I can said what eva I want..this blog is a friend of mine..the only things make me warm when frozen thought came..dulu aku kesah biler xder org bace blog nih..but now, I’m glad it was open to who eva interested in knowing me well…tnx.

Iskandar issaacs.


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