family of casabonda...

" i'm not an angel dat can cacth everyone dreams n make it happend, but i'll try my best to be wat i want to be...n if Gods will, i love to bring ppl around me into their dream life.."

"in life if u hoping onto something n it doesnt happent it will give u pain, but if u neva hope for it to be happend n it come with surprise it will give u soo much pleasure...tnx lil brother"

"no one will eva know wat faith will bring them, to me...tempora mutantur etnos mutammur in illis...time change, n we have to change with them.."

" family of casabonda, thanks God for sending me in such a great life to be..maybe sooner or later life itself will fade away but hope dat all the sweet memories will neva gone away"

"i do hope dat every minutes dat God give me will be covered with smile n ppl dat i care smiling does happend, but i still dont know where did my place goes in their life as they step into mine..."

iskandar issaacs


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