it have been a while i didn't put my finger onto this page..
how i miss to write something..
to share my feeling..
but "TIME' concurred my life line..
(just another excuse)

actually i think im changing..
i dont even know whether its gonna be good or not good enough..

for a second time..
i didnt think i could controled my anger like i used too..
i kept doing the "HORRIFIED" things..
scolding people over simple mistake..
yes its me..
the "ONE" no one wanna have in their life..

it wasnt bout jealousy or grunge that i kept inside..
but it was a tiny little thing inside of me..
which keep on telling me..
"PITY" you..u can do nothing..
how i wish i could do anything to help them..
how i love my family for things that nobody cares..
i love them..

i had draw a line in my life..
that there shouldnt be another heart that i will care for..
maybe for others..
knowing n loosing someone is a lesson they learn..
but to me..
knowing him was a mistake..
love story ends "HERE"..

now im a wedding planner...
my "DREAM" wedding will be in every wedding i made..
my "LOVE" runs through my craft..
my "HEART" beats only for one..



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