bye 2010..

new year coming? doesnt have to be all new..
but some how we have to change with it..

22 years of living in a dream being happy..
but i lied to my own self from day to day..
but now..
i found the real thing to be focus on..

no more outsiders..
just me n my beloved casabonda..
i kept my self searching for the right one..
to fill in the empty spaces..
but what i did is only making the space wider..

i dont care what people tot im turning into..
this is me..
i love soo many people..
but love doesnt have to be real..

23 years of getting not to be abundant..
now im well prepared..

mak + ayah = sara, aki n ma..
im going to live with that real things now..
im sorry for putting each of u aside..
im back..


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