another long holiday..yet it seem to be ended already..

cuti sem baru mula..
i was glad to have this long break..
to many commitment need to be face off..
i am no super hero..
but i only wanna give some help..
do anyone care....?

2-3 arini sgt2 rindu kt someone..
when i think back at the moment we were still together..
all the laughter..
or even tears..
i dont have the clue..
on why we choose to have separate ways..

i glad to know that DIA had found some1 better..
n me...?
i choose not to replace anyone for now..
another simple mistake will drown me back to the memories..
where only tears will cure..

n im sick of blaming my self 4 things that i should not be in..
life is too hard on me..
ada sesuatu yg DIA masih belom phm..
n aku harap dia akn phm sblum terlambat..

"i love u for no reason..
just like the way u left me..
no reason too"

life is karma..
just remember..
langit x selalunya cerah..


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