i am aint any doctor..

L+O+V+E = pain?

ramai yg tawu ucap..
i love u..
sy syg awak..
but do they really know what is love about?

it wasnt just words..
it was bout feeling..
things that tide u with a person..
person who we cared..
n cared for us too..

klu becinta..
tp mulut x berenti maki hamun..
or keep on doing something that will hurt both of u..
that wasnt love..
it was only trend..
where ppl kept on doing what others did..

klu kamo wat silap..
n mintak maaf..
klu dia marah..
BUKAN tanda dia MARAH SYG..
life is not a drama..

love is where u neva got chance to say sorry..
coz u will have to think twice before u said something..
love come from heart..
wasnt from mouth..
feel it inside..

belom terlambat tol betulkn kesilapan tuh..
be wise..
u have to know who u really love..
n who really love u..
if u kept hurting ur self for things that wont came right..
u will probably make it worse...

jgn terlalu syg seseorg..
sampai lupa kn sumer yg jelas n nyata..
love is something u cant buy..
u cant even get it easily..
work for it..

it will be a reward from God..
and only he knows..
who will be the right person for u..
before its too late..
if u love someone..
neva hurt them..
if they love u..
they will neva hurt u too..

i LOVE u <3


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