love on 14th february..

few years ago, i'm used of celebrating "Valentine" by being most of popular person on da block..ahakz! yes i am...not because of i am a casanova or something but i love being the bff of everyone around me..n that why everytime valentine comes i will gets lots of gift from ppl who i called friends..but then i knew dat i wasnt for muslim..but now i got a good reason to celebrate february 14th every is my beloved lil brother birthday...

die sgt2 nakal, comot but he make me lough everytime i saw him..maybe sometime he wont listen to wat ever i said...but he do gave me a place where i can spend my life with...tomorrow he will be 19, i just hope dat he will neva do tha same mistake i did before.. he was a good son n brother..n good friend to those who know him well...

heppy bezday "adik" semoga dipanjangkan umo, dimurahkan rezeki...n sentiasa dlm rahmat Allah..x kira aper pon yg jadi pada kamu kelak..abg akn slalu ader...tnx for everything u have done for one can put a value on each day we had togather..n tnx Allah for sending u over..

iskandar issaacs 14th february 2010


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