somewhere in 2010

bkn semua kngan tuh indah..
tp smpi biler2 kiter akn ingt sumer yg pernah terjadi..
wise ppl said..
by forgiving those we hate will gave us spaces to forget them..
but wat if they keep doing the same mistake??
hate them more?

ader sorg dak pmpuan nih..
yg cube wujud dlm dunia aku..
try to act concern like she knew everything im facing..
seseorg yg aku juga cube terima..
dan akhirnya..

ada satu hari tuh..
aku da plan nak mkn ngn adik aku..
the he said he was fine with the idea..
so we will out for pasar mlm n dine with list of foods..
i got his text saying that..
"bang, kwn sy mntk tlg tunjukkn jln ke OU..boleh"
how come i say no..
i said yes..n ask..
"u will be here for diner right?"
he said yes..n i wait..

i try to text him..
call him..
n wat eva i can to reach him..
i look at the clock on my table..
where he is...n what am i?

then he text me..
maaf bang beteri kong..
both phone?
he said no..just the celcome one..cant u switch it? 
dia jwp..
"haah x terpikir plak.."
he start to give excuse..
he said his frnd had bout movie tickets..
ask him to join her for diner..

i ask him..what is his frnd names..
n he told me..
after few years..
im trying to accept that gurl..
as my lil brother told me how much important that gurl to him..
after few times we met..
i put my trust on her..
n u know wat did she do then?
he kept secretes from me..

i will neva accept her in my whole life eva again..
i made her think that im part of their life..
i share thing out..
like family..
n this is wat she pay me with..

life is karma...
n u will be in my place..
sooner or later..
i just cant wait to see ur tears pouring back..
this is my curse..
tnx for making me feel stupid..


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