september 10th 2011
5.46 pm..

i was looking at the same sky..
for 23 years..
10 years back..
when i was 13..
i was hoping for things that i believe will happen..
and till now..
it wasnt..

i do pray..
n it wasnt anyone else fault..
it was mine..
because of hoping for things that for God sake wont eva happen..

i was looking for a little brother..
who i believe will understand me..
listening to what i love most..
somebody who i would love and will love me back..

after years of searching for the right person..
im starting to believe that it wont happen for sure..
after years of tearing my life..
i finally realize..
i just need to love my self more than i used to do..

the hardest thing to understand in life is..

"its not how many people that really love u,
but how many people that u really love"

it takes u years..
n u finally understand..
what make it harder is..
the truth behind what u have been looking for..

"sanay wala nang wakas"
its mean 
"hope will never ends"

now i do pray..
but for things that i believe will happen..
maybe years from now..
its gonna change the way i am..
a better person i hope..

a simple father with a perfect love..
i learn to love more when people hurt me..

the most important thing to hold on is..
dont let people tears ur dream..
it was all urs..
keep it somewhere safe
open it when u are ready..

"Allah will always listen for our prayer"
the day will come..
and i hope it was a better day to life in..

thakns Allah for years of love..


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