i dont wanna be rude..but..

sumer org ada cara masing2..
x kire wat aper pon..
aku pon..
nak knl org pon aku bnyk wat ikot cara aku..
even sometime nmpk mcm x penting..
or pelik..
tp this is me..

aku x paksa org ikot ckp aku..
but once u considered urself part of my world..
u have to accept every single changes i made..
if u wont..
u r free to walk out..

for some reason..
aku x suker org paksa2 aku terima dia..
x kesah la sebagai apa..
i knew with whom i wanna be with..

aku bg pluang tuk cube..
tp x reti hargai..
once i turn..
dont eva expect me to look back..
coz i wont..

klu ko da ras idop ko sempurna..
go ahead leave me alone..
i got my own problem to mess with..

life is not ours to keep..
ppl come n gone..
in a minutes..
or even a blink...

for now..
i think it would be enough..
good enough to have my family with me..
my mom..dad..2 sisters n 2 brothers..
u got ur own family right? 
so move on..

i dont want anybody else get hurt..
u have to know something..
i was not good enough for my self..
so did to others..


  1. yup, agree wit u..huhu, i undrstnd wht u say, but only u know & wat u feel right, btter jdi dri sndri kn..:)

  2. yezza! betol2..sbb klu jd plastik pon nnt ssh gak..da xtawu yg mn betol..huhuaaa~


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