selamat datang tahun baru...selamat tinggal kenangan..

serunuk dpt blik cuti..
lepak2 kt umah..
ngn casabonda..
tp biler blik umah..
masuk bilik..
tgok keliling..
sgt menyiksa..

tapi memandangkn taun baru..
harapan baru..
masa untuk tutup sumer cerita lama..
lagipun aku phm sgt..
org len da lupakn sumer tuh lama dulu..

i still remember when i first get this gift..
he said..
"i hug it close to my heart before i wrap it up n send it to u"
and after years of keeping it that way..
i finally washed it for the first time..
n hoping that all memories drain out from it..
as i might move on without u..

1100 eko burung origami..
my valentine gift in 2004..
8 years n still counting..
n i finally agreed with what faith have been telling me all the time..
we should neva talk bout this again..
i really hope to get over all this in near future..
n hoping that u will soon found someone better..
someone really love u..
really cared..
n care for u most..
as i neva try to before..

nampak kamu..
tapi x lg mcm dulu..
hati ni da xley nak tgok lg kamu..
harap sumer nih x pernah berlaku..
terima kasih untuk tiap kenangan yg ada..
maybe im not the right person to tell u this..
i really hope u find a way to get out of the mess u made..
n Allah will always there for u..
as any human wont..

nak simpan kamo jauh2..
sbb kalu kamu dkt pon..
still rasa kamo jauh..
terlalu bnyk yg nak dikenang..
tapi yg sakit nyer lbh bnyk dari yg indah..
saya selalu hrp kamo akn ada..
mcm dulu..
sy xnak kamo sedih2 lg..
mungkin kamo rasa..
sy jauhkn diri sbb benci kamo..
sy wat mcm tuh supaya DIA x sakitkn kamo lg..
x marah kamo lg..
satu masa nnt..
kamo akn phm..
cuma masa tuh..
kita da x samer lg..

life is not aimed for perfection..
as no one will preserved the real meaning of that holy words..
so did u..
u r wat u r..
n to me u r one perfect lil brother..
u dont have to blow fire from ur skull..
to show u have great power..
coz u already show u r special since day one we met..
but time change..
u r different..
as u pray for..
n none of the changes met me in present..
thanks for ur time..

O' Allah..
thanks a lot for the smile u had bring me..
although each of it will soon disappear..
they had change me the way i am now..
where i believe a better person..
from what i had been before..
i love them in the name of u..
my Lord..


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