de' memoir sunseta's..

this few days are totally out from wat i expected..
sgt2 seronok..
i did things that i suppose to do it earlier..
change wat i've been waiting..
to something that i would have instantly..

tnx to my lil brother akim..
i really enjoy myself alot..
dia jadi adik yg baik ..
n i suppose to do both great son n brother..

i always keep on burdening my mind..
with things that only God knows how bad it would be..
i hated myself for not being good enough..
n finally i knew..
i done the best things i could..
n who eva think i'm not..
they were the one who pushing the wrong arrows..

siapkan baju dia..
mkn dia..
minum dia..
kejot bgun tido..

it does remind me of someone..
but i want that person to know..
if he thinks i wouldnt make it without him..
im doing just fine..
n glad i make that deccission..

dari isnin smpai jumaat..
satu lg kngan yg sgt seronok untuk di share kn..
i'm just glad that Allah still love me..
thank you Allah..
thanks to mak, ayah n the whole casabonda..
u guys r the greatest..!

enjoy the view...=)

p/s ader 3 bnda yg adik sy nih ssh nak dgr ckp..
1~tido cpt..
2~bgun awal..


  1. waaa..syoknyeww... sy asek bzy bebenor jek.. hehehehek... tah bler nk madi pantai sme ngk kamo..~ngeee.. pe pon..nice! i like it...^^)


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