they said...
a new dawn is a new day..
a new start..
n I miss my new start with cloud filling the entire sky..
telling the universe how close it will hug the earth..
n now I can only see hays..
there were time that I hold my self tidily n let my mind think that..
I need nobody to love..
to be in love..
to fall for love..
get hurt n letting go..
but none will satisfied me..
I believe that I was born to love..
love completed my life..
here n I hope hereafter..
I need them..
no matter how bad they treated me..
no matter how bad they make me cried..
I still hope I can hug them n tell them..
"i'm here n I will always love u"
to my dear lil*
there were time when we make mistake..
we said wrong words..
we do wrong action..
n fall for wrong things..
but non will ends my cares n love for u..
to my HEART n SOUL..fie <3 em="">
sometime I think we are not mean for each other..
coz I cant gave u the best that u r hopping for..
I cant be the one with flower in hand..
n hold u through this rough day..
but deep in my heart..
there will not be another person who I wish to be with..
to my BROTHER d.r~
I might not be the one who u wish to have..
not the one who really can help u with things..
but I pray that I can be a place where u can stop worried bout life..
n think more bout love u gave n how much it means to others..
to mak n ayah..
ibu n abah..
mak milah n ayah rahman..
it was a blessed to have u in this short life..
it was a dream of the entire world to be showered with love this much..
I don't have to own the day to say I love u guys..
coz u are the DAY in my life..
special thanks to kaklong, abg wan, zahar n the rest of special ppl in my life..
who completed this short journey of mine..
n I hope Allah will let a lil piece of me stay with u guys..
even when I was not around..
"meMAHAmi takDHIR mu ya RAHMAN"
terima kasih..


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