terakhir kalinya..

everything will stop when it comes to the end..
n I believe..
we are now done..

if this will be the last moment I was given by lord to hold ur hand..
i'll make sure not even a second will be wasted..

people call it revenge..
some said payback..
but to me it mean "promises"

I knew after this..
there will be no more space between us..
it doesn't mean we r closed enough..
but by heart n soul will be completely separated..

I didn't do this becoz I hate u..
but I do becoz I want u to stop..
n I want my simple life back..
life where there will be me n only me..

thanks for the joy u once gave..
thanks for the smile u once shared..
thanks for the heart once I owned..

"it was for our own good" ? which our?
u knew this will only pay u a pleasure..
n none will drop by me..
I neva been hurt this much..
I stand my ground with another mistake..
mistaken of ur own identity..
ur goodness..

n now im free..
if a bird loose its wings..
it sure still can walk..
if a man loose his heart?

i'll take away all the blessed u carried since we met..
i'll make it ur worse nightmare..
it wasn't easy to do it right..
n I will do it wrong..

dear God..
please forgive me..


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