letting go is not the best part in any story..
june was just started..
but to me its already end..

the whole day was a mass..
I couldn't eat a thing..
all I can do is to cried my heart out..
n thanks to my BFF zaha..
who always be there..
listen to my foolish story telling..
even the only sound he could listen is im crying on phone..

terma kasih mak..
sebab teman sy tido..
tepuk blkg sy masa sy nanges..
sampi sy tertido..
tenangkan hati saya..
teman sy bersahur..
it was a big blessing to have her in my life..

"boleh jadi sesuatu yg kamu sayangi itu bukan
lah sesuatu yg baik untuk mu"
now im starting to understand..
all I knew is..
he was the best person to be with..
till we decided not to have it in future..
only god knows how I love him..
how much I need him..
how much he mean to me..

he said he tried..
I tried..
but we cant..
it was easy for me to let go by not looking at the end..
but the way he hold my hands..
n tell me not to get hurt by all this..
making me harder to let go..

mak ckp..
"dia saying ko n I can see that, but he just love to be alone this while"
I know my heart wont accept this big lost easily..
as wise men said..
"an ending of something will be the beginning of something else"
if I was been written not to have him..
there is nothing I could do against Faith..
but I will be just the way he was..

he ask me to try to let go..
n I will..
but not to let the memories died..
but to live with it..
there is no more him in my day..
but there will always be U in my heart..

Ya Allah..
Ya Rahman..
Ya Rahim..
aku redha..


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