5th june 13

malam nih genap umo aku 25 n 6 bulan..
masa semakin laju..
bnyk yg perlu di ubah..

this few days still wont come ease..
nor even a break..
those words..
that moment..
still hangs in my heart..
making it to beat faster everytime i think about it..

it was a great things to know dat i was surrounded by good guys..
great friends from all places..
i got phone calls..
text messengers..
after they knew i was not in a good condition..

few people really understand my issues..
while others try to comfort me..
n both were very kind to drop their times for a silly frnd like me..

they came out with the common tips..
common ending..
common words..
"let go n move on, u deserve someone better"
i knew they mean no harm..
but they dont even know who he really was..
yet they try to comfort me..

i love him before i knew he got very sick..
n i still love him that much..maybe even more..
after i knew about his condition..

wat will u do..
if the person u love most find out they only gonna live for few more years?
leave them?
avoid them?
i choose to be with them..
coz every second counts!

when he get tired..
n i ask him to get rest..
he said..
rest is the last thing he would eva need now..
coz sooner or later..
he will get it more then he eva need..
it crushed my heart baddly..
but i know wat he mean..

i just want him to know that..
wat eva hppn to him oneday..
will neva put me a burden..
i choosed to stay..
no one can change that..
throw ur words..
or run if u like..
but whenever there is a light..
there will be me with u..

Dear God,
i might be not the best person to ask u this..
but i knew that u will listen..
n if u do..
spare him my breath..



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