bila yg hilang itu kelihatan..

beberapa hari lps..
aku sgt2 terkejut ngn aper yg aku dgr..
something that i would neva tot will hppnd..
its take more then one day to know bout someone..
maybe a life time wont be enough..
and the worse is..
when u just feel comfortable with the situation..
and hopping that they might stay with u..
they left..

DIA cakap..
"i'm going back by the end of this year"

n i said..
"great...! cant wait..really miss u"

then DIA said..
"i'm going to get dad want me to marry his choice..
he is the only person i have now..after my mom died march last year..
i dont want to hurt my dad's feeling..."

i said..
" was great..ur father must be soo proud of u.."

DIA said...
"i hope u understand my situation..."

i said..
"ofcoz i am..all i eva want is to see u build a warm loving family.."

i lost my words..
its kindda stuck inside..
soo hard to breath..
so many question running through my mind..
could u..
cant u..
would u..
but the right way to say it... is..
"the person must be soo damn lucky to have u..."

DIA said..
"this is why i neva want u to get serious with our relationship..
i dont want u to get hurt..
and that is why i neva said I LOVE U..
i did..but it was not written on our faith.."

i said..
"'m ok..u dont have to feel sorry for me..
it was a blessed to knew great person like u..
tnx for all memories..

if i would given a chance to turn back time..
i would do nothing..coz this is more then enough to carried for the rest of my life..

DIA said..
"i'm really sorry...n i hope we still can meet one day.."

i said..
"i hope not...."

ader bnyk yg kite ley selindungkan..
tapi hati..
walaupun ianya bukan zahir..
ia pasti sukar untuk kiter selindungkan..

saya doakn kamo akan sentiasa bahagia..
dengan siapa pun pilihan kamo..
saya x pernah menyesal tunggu kamo..
like i always said..

p/s to my sweet sisters..
nursara n nurakmar..
faith have been written long before we could see this world..
do ur part..
and left the rest to God..
coz he knows better..


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