as life begin to change..

as u woke up from ur sleep..
would u eva know wat will happen to ur day?
u wont..
but u will always pry for a better start..
a great ends..
does it happen?

it does..
but in a way that we hardly understand..
wat eva happen life must go on it own trail..
we cant hardly say that people who we really love will stay there..
coz sooner or later they will move on with their own life too..
the best way of not getting hurt..
is by letting it go..

by letting go it doesnt mean u r a weak..
but it proof u a strong person..
who will survive through the wave of emotion..

for now..
im going a hard time..
where my heart keep on playing with my past..

it was hard enough..
when u miss someone..
but afraid of telling so..
when u cared for people..
but they neva felt so..
when u love someone..
but it wasnt the right time yet..

life is complicated..
life is sweet..
life is nothing bout me..


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